Disaster Recovery Special
On Site Create Hard Drive Image
1 Year Off Site Storage
Just $100
8:00 am Install new hardware Install new hardware
9:00 am original CD’s for Operating
System and Applications
Imaged Hard Drive
9:45 am Still looking for software Download and apply any
patches or updates
10:00 am Begin Loading Operating
Begin Restoring Data
11:15 am Configure Network, Set up
Domain, shares, resources
and users
Restore Complete !
Everyone is ready to log
on and begin working
12:30 pm Install Applications (3 or 4) Everyone is working away.
2:15 pm Download and apply any
Coffee break time
2:45 pm Begin Restoring Data
Customers are being
helped. Employees are
using their computers.
4:00 pm Day is over and you are
finally up and ready to
Almost a full productive
day-- not bad after a



Traditional Data backups only protect your data. This is important. However, if your server or main computer were to crash or be severely damaged, more than data would need to be restored.
Your operating system, network settings, users, applications, and more need to be restored.
Additionally, many businesses do not have the original CD’s readily available. They become misplaced or may have been borrowed and taken home by employees.
Without the original software, your applications can not be restored.
Disaster Recovery provides you with a baseline or clone of your main hard drive. All of the software applications, users, and other network information is imaged to an off-site location.
It is easily restored when disaster strikes.

We also have state-of-the-art equipment and software to recover crashed data. Data that is lost, is not always lost. Our technicians can recover crashed or even erased data in many situations.


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